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Designed initially for a school for children with disabilities where spastic children and children with ADHD are educated. This is a system in which two groups, some of them overactive and others in wheelchairs, can play together. The area is arranged so that a wheelchair child can see all the satellites and everywhere is wheelchair accessable. This system also designed 2 new games for children with disabilities to use more comfortably. It was noted that all children with disabilities and non-disabled, can play together. In addition, team games were installed and a concept that all children could play together emerged. Experts who specialize in children with disabilities have conducted reviews, adding that the system can be used in any environment where children with disabilities and non-disabled children can play together: The product has a great potential in terms of sensory integration, such as difficulty in learning, addressing children and adults with autism or sensory problems. Lights, sounds, sorting process, eye co-ordination, problem solving properties of games and physical movement necessity make the product very high therapeutic. The product can also be used to increase ranking skills, eye coordination, social development, strength and tolerance levels. "

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