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Which certifications does your Electronic Products have? TÜV EN 1176 European children's parks certificate and TÜV EN 60065 / A2 European low-voltage electronic products safety certificate.

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Is it possible for children to have electric shocks in these products? Only low voltage (24 V) is used in places where children play, and this low voltage does not harm children.
Is the product suitable for outdoor use? Many improvements have been made to the product to make sure it can be used outdoors without problems. The product has been tested between -18 degrees and +50.
Is there any risk of breaking your Electronic Spider? Spider has been used in various countries for many years and many improvements have been made in order to increase its stability. They have been made as robust as possible against vandalism. When you see a sample satellite, you can see how robust it is. It is also possible to attach protection to the surroundings when necessary. In the installing a new bulb unlikely event of a broken satellite is as simple as replacing a lightbulb. However, we recommend that these products be placed in a safe place.
Can the computer crash? There is no central computer in the system. All satellites have a brier microprocessor and it is not possible for the computer to crash.
Do these products require maintenance? There is also no maintenance required for the electronic component. Regular child park care / control will suffice. In case of a possible problem please contact our company. Detailed information is located behind the receipt.
Does the product use too much electricity? During normal use, the product consumes 30W of electricity, which is less than the electricity a light bulb is consuming.
Are there any risk of these products being stolen? They are connected to the system with a bolt specially designed to prevent them from being stolen. A special tool is needed to dismantle this bolt and this tool can not be found easily. Nevertheless, we recommend that this product be placed in a safe area.
How will the kids understand the games? A sign is placed next to the products for explaining the games. However, studies abroad have shown that children do not look at these signs. Exploring the game for children is extremely fun and a part of the game. Especially, it was observed that older children started to understand and play games first and small children learned them by looking at the older children. Also, according to observations, children are more successful understanding the games than adults.
Do you have any suggestions for children that get tired of playing the same games? As new games are designed, it is possible to update the games.
Do you produce electronic products? The metal parts and spindles of the electronic spider product are produced by our company, and the electronics are produced by the Danish Playalive company. The Playtop Street product is produced by the British Playtop company and the electronic is produced by the Playalive company.
Is it possible to prevent energy consumption when products are not being used? If the system is not used for 3 minutes, it will turn itself off all the satellites and start spending very little energy. When one touches the satellite, it starts working again. Nevertheless, it is possible to put a timing unit in the electric panel, for example, to open at 10:00 am and close at 22:00 pm.