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HR Policy Flopark Inc. Our Company’s most important capital is the Human Resources. Our company derives its strength from the employees it believes to be the most valuable asset. Our Company; • Equal of opportunity is for everyone. Without discrimination of race, nationality, gender and belief, all our employees are known for the opportunity of training, self-improvement and promotion. • In terms of business health and work safety, it is our priority to implement all the rules required by our industry in our working environment. • It is our pride, to attract talented and successful people and to work together for many years. We do not look at our partnership with our employees as a temporary relationship. We try to form long term relationships with our employees. • We expect our employees to be a team player in the sense of being conscious, versatile, communicative, self-confident, open to thinking about innovations, generating added value, providing quality service, and responsibility towards the environment. These principles, in particular; It is our basic policy to keep all our human resources applications in line with the conditions of the day and to keep them updated and thus to keep them in a dynamic structure. Environmental Policy Flopark; has been established as a subsidiary of Floteks which has been producing playgrounds using rotational molding technology since 1982. Since 2005 it has been operating as a separate company. By producing all its solutions in its own integrated facility, it also contributes to the Turkish economy by exporting to many countries of the world in America, Europe, Middle East as well as the domestic market. With new designs and products, children enjoy the fun, activities appropriate to their ages and abilities. The well-known psychologist Mikhail Csikszentmihaly argues; Activities that are not parallel to an individual’s abilities will cause either stress or boredom. If the activities and challenges in a playground are not up to the ability of the children they start doing dangerous activities. Instead of playing with the boredom, children start to move on to harm the products and put their safety in jeopardy. Playgrounds should address children's age and abilities. Game parks designed for younger age groups can be inadequate and boring for older age groups. Flopark uses its experience for children playing outdoor and adults exercising. Flopark A.S. as; • Develop methods to control and reduce harmful waste to the environment. • Continuously improve and improve our Environmental Management System for effective use of natural resources and reduction of pollution, along with our employees, within the framework of laws and expectations. • To comply with relevant legal and other conditions to provide environmental management system. • To be able to meet our customers' environmental expectations and special requests. • Ensure that all our employees take responsibility for the environmental management system by creating environmental awareness. • Our basic principle is to save energy by reducing the use of resources such as electricity, water, fuel and special chemicals, to reduce waste and to contribute to the economy of the country through recovery and to use the natural resources effectively. Quality Policy Mission / Vision Our brand Flopark, which designs and manufactures outdoor sports equipment where you can exercise consciously as well as playgrounds where children can develop mentally and physically while having fun. • Quality products to create a happy customers • Innovative product designs for domestic and international markets • Efficiency, continuity and profitability to achieve high added value • To provide an environment for training and developing our employees. TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System in line with the principles of continuous improvement and to comply with legal requirements. As Flopark, our target is the exercising and children. Therefore; Our goal and mission is to make them happy and healthy. With our innovative playgrounds and recreational activities for children, our primary goal is to continually improve the design of our products. As a brand that has adopted quality as a principle, we have determined to be an export leader in our sector with our innovative, different, fun and world-class products Export Countries we export: Usa, Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Algeria, Finland, France, Georgia, Iraq, England, Iranian, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Swedish, Italy, Kazakhistan, KKTC, Lithuanian, Lebanon, Hungary, Egypt, Norway, Poland, Porto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda